12 Days of Christmas Advent Story Calendar

First of all, I’m aware that depending on your tradition, the 12 Days of Christmas are after the day, include the day, or any combination of the two. I am also aware advent calendars are usually 25 days. But my stash doesn’t have 25 good short stories, and I like to work up to things, so there.

Starting on December 12th and ending on Christmas Eve, look forward to 12 short stories from me, posted in the blog section of this site. They’re a mix of old unpublished things and previously published things I think my two readers will find fun to read. Some of them are sad. Some of them are straight-up fanfiction. Some of them are full of bitterness and anger. Some of them are funny. But none of them have a home, so here they are: my present to you.

Here are the story titles:

  • 12/12- A Lovecraftian Cat In The Hat
  • 12/13- What Happened to Kitty Desperado?
  • 12/14- Luxus Non Grata in: Sharp’s Trump
  • 12/15- The Temporal Transgression of Wellington Barnes
  • 12/16- Demon Sword Chapter 1
  • 12/17- The Maiden Voyage
  • 12/18- Four-Stroke Utopia
  • 12/19- The Drop
  • 12/20- Koopa
  • 12/21- An Iron Pragmatism
  • 12/22- Lyn Minmay Day on Macross Exceed
  • 12/23-The End, Or No Fury
  • 12/24-A Steampunk Christmas