Short Stories:

C1683-0rime and Mystery (Flametree Publishing 2016)

Mechanical Love is a piece I never thought I would write and never thought would sell. I pitched it because it happened to be on hand. While it has robots, I think it is one of the most human things I’ve ever written.



captureSteel and Bone  (Xychler 2015)

A steampunk anthology with an island theme. The Mysterious Island of Chester Morison is set in the Lands Beyond universe, where a young society girl finds adventure in a special Worlds Fair.




captureCogwheels: Ten Tales of Steampunk (Rayne Hall 2014)

Gold is possibly my earliest steampunk piece, heavily influenced by Frankenstein and Full Metal Alchemist. What is it that makes gold and what is it that makes a man?




The Lands Beyond:

future-print-coverFuture That Never Was (City Owl Press 2017)

Director’s Cut. My first novel ever, polished and edited. Air Pirate Albion Clemens searches for his adoptive father, Captain Samuel, in an alternate universe where a steam-dependent Europe is on the brink of war with a surviving, thriving Ottoman Empire. Air superiority is paramount. As tensions build, a mysterious calamity is scooping up the landmarks of Europe, causing havoc and misunderstanding in a world anachronistic with new cultures. Can Clemens make a deal with the devil to find his father and stop a nefarious plot to remake the world?

Spectre of War (City Owl Press, Early 2017)

Picking up a few months after Future left off. A steampunk novel in an alternate universe where steam golems walk the streets and a third Victoria has ascended the throne of a former imperialist power in identity crisis. In the wake of a calamity that engulfed all of Europe, Vanessa Hargreaves is a rarity: a high-heeled Inspector of Scotland Yard, given the dubious task of policing steamcraft crime. Along with flamboyant toff detective Arturo C. Adler, she stumbles upon a conspiracy to use a horrific plague in an effort to prevent war. Hargreaves struggles to come to terms with her devotion to Britain, the moral quandary of the events unfolding, and her personal future in the service to Queen and Country.